Dumb blonde needs help....dunno where to start

Hi, I am useless with this sort of thing and desperately need help please. I have the pc game American McGee’s Alice, and the other day I couldnt have put the disc in correctly when i was reinstalling it, heard a loud “crack” and found the disc 1 (installation disc) completely broken from the centre out.Problem… now i have a game i love that i am unable to reinstall or play. However, a friend has lent me her game of Alice so I have both of her discs. I want to copy disc 1 onto a new disc so i can reinstall it should i need to (i’ll reinstall from her disc first) But, dont know what free program to get that is able to copy a games disc to a blank one, I have tried realplayer and windows media, but it appears they are just for music and that. So where do I go from here?
HELP please, I am not that brilliant with computers so please keep any help in a language I am likely to understand. Heres hoping…thanks

Unfortunately legally you cant copy your friends American McGee’s Alice. Whilst I do feel for you, in suffering the same ordeal I once did with one of my favorite games, this forum is 100% legal. Shoot an email to the maker, like I did you may find them to be generous in providing a replacement.

Oh well thanks for the help,actually I never thought of emailing them so I might try that. Thank you.