Dumb A$$ UT-2 Awaken Q... lol

Damn… Normally I’m all advanced and stuff, but having to post in the newbie forums, haha, I’m so embarrassed!@ Any how, thought that I’d post my first BWA pic of UT-2-The Awakening and see what folks thought, cause I’ve tried just about every speed, correction settings with CloneCD and BW 4.2.9_221 and still get coasters… Help me out you experienced GODS! PeAce

BTW- How do I post pics?


Try BW version 4.2.5. It is the only version that I can get to do RTC2 wich has the new Securom 4.8.xxx.


Also, try philambers thread regarding Copying Unreal Tournament 2003 and other securom 4.8x protected games with CloneCD. Its basically the same method.

Hey guys, thanks for the replies, now maybe I can learn some stuff and get out of being a newbie lame :wink:

Anyone have any recommendations of a DVD-reader? I’ve heard the LiteOn 166s is pretty good?

Thanks! V12

Does anyone know what this error means? “Writing to CD failed: Illegal Request: Invaild Field in CDB (5:0x24:0x00)” Another thing, what should the MAX size of the file/sector steps be in TwinPeaks? This is the second time I’ve gotten this stupid error at about 93% burn!@!! All I know is trying to cloneCD this UT-2 is hassle, and I PAID for the damn game! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Invalid Field in CDB :wink: