Duke Nukem

Anybody seen the dukenukemthemovie.com website yet??


Hm, a duke movie. If it is as funny as the game, woohoo. If we have to wait for it like we are doing for the new game: :frowning:

Hail to the king baby! :slight_smile:

I remember playing that game for hours and hours… I just bought my new P1-133 and was abled to play at the highest resolution available… wow :smiley:

Just wondering if you guys have any idea who’s the actor/actress going to be? I prefer if they make Quake or Doom’s movie though. Hang on…wasn’t there a thread about which games should be made into movies?

Werent they supposed to release DN: Forever a while ago? Instead they released The Crap aka “DN: Manhattan Project”

As for the actor, i wouldn’t mind seeing Bruce Campbell play it. If he buffed up a bit he would be perfect. He has the whole attitude going for him and he has done those great Evil Dead films (well atleast some of them were great) which are sort of similar.