Duel Wallpaper?

Howdy Fella’s :stuck_out_tongue:
Today I got Duel monitor installed And im wondering how to have a different wallpaper for each one, cause right now all its doing is having the same one on both and I want to have one half of a BIG one on the left and the other half on the right.

but it just clones the same wallpaper to both.
i must sound dumb

im running Catalyst ATI btw





Putting different wallpaper on each desktop

When you place wallpaper on your desktop with a dual-monitor setup, you end up with the same wallpaper on both desktops. However, this can get monotonous. You’ll be glad to know that we’ve discovered a way that you can place different wallpaper on each desktop by creating a huge image and stretching it across both desktops. Keep in mind that this technique assumes that you’re running the same resolution on both your monitors.

To begin, you’ll need to create or locate two graphic images that you want to use to wallpaper your desktops. Ideally, each image should be the same size as your screen resolution. For example, if the screen resolution on both desktops is 800 x 600, each image should also be 800 x 600. However, if the image is smaller, you can launch Paint, create an 800 x 600 image, use the Paste From command to copy your image into the larger file, and then simply center it in a larger image.

Once you’ve created or located your images, launch Paint. Then pull down the Image menu and select the Attributes command. When you see the Attributes dialog box, double the width of your screen resolution and type that value in the Width text box. For example, if your screen resolution is 800 x 600, type 1600 in the Width text box, as shown in Figure A. To continue, click OK.

Figure A: You can double the width of your desktop in the Attributes dialog box.
Now pull down the Edit menu and select the Paste From command. When the Paste From dialog box appears, select the 800 x 600 image that you want to appear on the left monitor and click Open. Once you’ve pasted the image into the 1600 x 600 image, use the bottom scrollbar to scroll all the way to the right side of the image. Now use the Paste From command to paste the second 800 x 600 image in the 1600 x 600 image. You may have to reposition the left edge of the second image so that it meets the right edge of the first image. To complete the operation and reduce the image’s filesize, save your new wallpaper as a GIF file rather than a BMP file, as shown in Figure B.

Figure B: You should save your new large wallpaper image as a GIF file to reduce its size.
Once you’ve saved the file, close Paint, right-click on the desktop, and select Properties from the shortcut menu. When the Display Properties dialog box appears, click on the Background tab. Then click the Browse button and locate your large wallpaper image. Once you do, chances are good that you won’t see your image in the preview monitor as you normally would. To continue, select Tile in the Display dropdown list and click OK. When you do, you’ll see a separate wallpaper image on each desktop.

OH! Thankyou!

Thats exactly what I wanted to know :smiley:


Thanks as well… didn’t know that was possible.

To be installed soon… :slight_smile:

Yeah like Dont gemme wrong mines nothin special :wink:
BAsically found a old monitor out the back and went to the shop and baught a DVI Converter :stuck_out_tongue:

Im eventually gonna buy 2 CHEAP 15’ lcds and set em up maybe.

Here’s a great duel wallpaper!

LOL Not that kind of duel :wink:


Oh… you’re thinking of “DUAL”, with an “A”. Meaning “two”.

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Didnt realize I spealt it wrong until u posted :smiley:

Is it possible to do this in vista, I am having trouble finding out how to do it.