Duel layer dvd writer



I was just wondering if you want to write a duel layer dvd do you have to use a duel layer driver? or can you just write using a normal single layer writer and just flip the disk halfway through?


Yes, you need a drive capable of burning dual layer discs. All recent models should do this.


do you know if a nec nd 3540a is dual layer compatible?


Yep, but only with DVD-R DL discs, not +R DL. It can read and write those -R DLs at 4x (I think).



damn… clone dvd apparently is only compatable with dl dvd+r oh well… i spose i will have to clone to 2 single layer disks instead. They are cheaper that way anyway


OK, I just double checked that with the NEC Japan site, that says it’s compatible with both - and +R DL.

The plot thickens… :eek:

Edit: OK, the more I’m seeing, the more apparent it’s becoming that it supports both - and +R DL.

If you have that burner, check in Nero InfoTool (in the Toolkit), that should tell you definitely if it does or doesn’t do DL. There should be a check in the +R DL and -R DL boxes.


Of course the NEC does DVD+R DL, it came out first! All NEC drives since the 25xx series could do +R DL. -R DL was not added to NEC drives until the 3520.

I think the original poster was a little unclear on what a dual layer disc even is to begin with… It’s not something you flip.


I think maybe he was referring to double sided discs.


ok wow holy confusion.

to the original poster: a dual layer disc is a disc that has 2 layers on the same side. you need a dual layer burner to burn these.

you’re talking about a recordable flipper disc that has a single layer on each side of the disc. I’ve never seen these for sale, but assuming you can obtain blank flipper discs, (not commonly called dual layer as far as i know, but for lack of knowledge of the proper term I’ll say “flipper”) then I’d imagine that each side should be burnable using a single layer drive.

in regards to clonedvd2, the latest version (anything after is compatible with both DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL.

i hope that clears some things up!


Double sided discs are available, but they’re very expensive! For example…

In searching for somewhere that actually stocks them, I found that Harris Technology does; $676 for 40 (that’s still $16.90 each). Maybe they’re cheaper elsewhere, but I used HT as an example because I found it amusing that their website says, “Or rent for $7.57 per week” :bigsmile:

(And we all think that DL media is expensive… :bigsmile: )


… but i thought dual layer was a flipper disk… whats dual layer then?


dual layer is just how it sounds. it’s a blank dvd with one writeable side…there are just 2 LAYERS that are writeable on a dual layer disc…they’re sort of on top of each other which is why your burner needs to be dual layer capable in order to write to these kinds of discs.

they normally sell for about $2 each on sale. still expensive but MUCH mroe reasonable than your writable flipper discs!


sorry to disagree with you,but i picked some duel sided disks about a year ago.
heres a link to look at and think about. about a buck each.


good find. i had never seen them for sale before so I was just going on what had been posted.

and for the record…pet peeve of mine: a duel is a fight. dual means 2 or double :wink:

so to avoid further confusion in this thread I’m going with “double sided” or flipper discs and dual layer discs to refer to the 2 different ones.

double sided discs never really seem to have caught on, but in regards to the original post, if those are your preference you’ll be find with a single layer burner.

dual layer discs are a whole different thing altogether and do require the special hardware.


Now [I]that’s[/I] more reasonable.


I,ve seen a few pressed disks that I’ve bought that were llike this. one side was for regular sized tvs the other side was for widescreens or letterbox. some have been a flipper(watch one side then flip). dont know if it was just a passing fad or what.just wanted to add my little bit of knowlege.(allways wanted to say that!)


Gotta love those flipper discs, I love getting up in the middle of the movie to flip sides… :confused:

As with any new technology there will be growing pains, thankfully the number of titles with that ‘feature’ were limited in the early days of DVD. Maybe it was an homage to laserdisc. :stuck_out_tongue:


so… does dual layer act like a normal disk? Does it mean that if i decide to put two dvds onto one it will switch between the layers? and give perfect quality?


it automatically switches between layers. it’s less used for putting two discs on one than it is used for preserving original quality of a single movie.

most pressed commercial discs (especially recent ones) are on DL discs. To get it to a single layer disc requires a good bit of compression. dual layer discs allow quality preservation on these.


ok, again there is a difference. DL 8.5s will have 2 layers on 1 side. if you say around & read this forum and do a search about this stuff i believe that you can put 2 disks on 1 DL.(but theres somthing about only nedding 1 ifo or somthing about that,i suggest read,search,read some more). this is a great place for reaserch.and the people are very friendly. but you need to do some of the legwork yourself. this topic has been covered alot .good luck and welcome to the forum. :smiley: