Dud burning

Ok here’s the thing I’m creating a standard data disc on an standard cdr disc using nero 6. It goes through burn process ok then when i come to read disc it says blank disc but it has 0 used space & 0 free space and the disc looks like its been burnt to. I’m at a loss can anyone help me solve this problem.
thanks Paulio :confused:

To exclude a damaged burner as culprit, you can try to burn another CD with a different software. Try to do a test disc with CD-DVD Speed or to burn a CD with ImgBurn.

If this solve, then nero is your problem. If this don’t solve, then you can try a different media or also to install your burner on a different computer.

I used a different disc infact it was a cd-rw and that works fine so maybe it’s the media it doesn’t like ??

Well, some drives are really picky about media. You can only feed them the media that they like :stuck_out_tongue:

Could well be.

Wonder who manufactured the dud one. Have a look at the disc in Nero CD-DVD Speed (included in Nero’s Toolkit) to see. Some brands use a lot of different manufacturers, so their quality varies.

Plus, Geno’s right - some drives just like to be fed different stuff!


Moreover usually rewritable media have a short life; after some tenth of burnings they start to give problems. This is why is better to avoid to keep important data on rewritable media :wink:

it’s a datawrite (ritek) disc and it burns my music ok but no data ??

Hmmm. Not too fond of Datawrite (or any other E-net brand), but Ritek CD-Rs are OK.

Now, if it had been a Ritek DVD-/+R, I’d be advising you to test and reburn within a month! :wink:

Do you have InCD or other packet writing softwares installed?

No m8

Do you burned data in multisession?

no just added some stuff and burned away there’s a burn mark on disc just no dada ??

Sorry, I don’t know. Try to do a full erase of the disc and repeat the data burn. Maybe this will solve issues.

cd-rw disc’s burn ok and it reads data on it it’s cdr disc’s thats the trouble m8

Sorry for my mistake.

It seems to me anyway a media issue. Can you try with other media like a verbatim or a sony CD? Datawrite are not very good media.

I will get hold of some diff media. Thanks for your help m8 :flower:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Let us know if you solve the problem

will do bye :wink: