Dubbing VHS>DVD questions

My new PYE PY90VG vcr/dvd combo player/recorder is really easy to use but there is something in the manual about dubbing VHS>DVD that does not make sense. I have never tried to dub before and need to get this straightened out in my mind as I have a lot of tapes to dub to DVDs. It says to hit ‘pause’ at the place I want to start the VHS tape for the dubbing BUT in the step by step it does not tell me to ‘play’ once I am ready to start dubbing. Same in DVD>VHS dubbing instructions. Logic of course would tell me that I need to PLAY the darn VHS to dub it to DVD RIGHT??? I feel silly even asking but need sanity check. So far my attempts at dubbing have failed. The counter runs but there is nothing on the DVD. I tried it with the VHS on pause and on play.

Also, had anyone had experience with setting DVD record mode for longer times even though it says there will be poorer quality as you expand the recording time from 1 to 6 hours. That was always the warning for VHS also but we have 3 movies on most of our VHS tapes and the quality has always been just fine even after many years. When I get the dubbing thing straigtened out it sure would be simpler to dub an entire VHS>DVD rather than trying to stop it at the end of one movie. Thoughts?