Dubbing Dvd's sound

i have some new titles sent to me in pal and in a foreign lang i have learned how to change pal but i would like to know if you can dub vioce overs to make it english. since there is no subtitles to know what is going on if any one can help please tell me where to start. thanks

If original recorded soung is not in english then I wonder how you can converted into english.

yeah me too. I want to add music to my rc bashing video.

How would you dub over in english when you don’t know “what is going on there”???

why couldnt you dump the audio file and create a new one?

Yes you can do that and most video authoring programs will do it when you have made a new one just select it as the source for your sound and added to the movie. :slight_smile:

Yes it can be done.
You can use DVD Lab, using your own sound track imported to Lab and create new DVD file. You will have to demux original track, but Lab will do that for you while importing movie into asset bin. You can also keep original track and use menu to choose between them.
If you want to do dubing, than it will get more complicated, Premier, Nero, Womble and some more will do that.
Of course you can make subtitles for your original.