Dubbing copyright protected vhs to dvd?

I’m trying to dub my vhs to my dvd, new toy for christmas…however, they say they are “copyright protected” and will not burn to the dvd. I have a Magnavox MWR20V6 dual dvd/vhs recorder. I’ve heard there is a way to do this. Any ideas. This is strictly for home use, so my daughter can watch her old vhs tapes on her dvd player. Thanks for any help or advice.

Welcome satinmustang: I took this off the BestBuy website but search for any vendor or the companies website. This unit has considerable support from users, especially handling Macrovision.

If you can get it from a local supplier, try it and if it doesn’t work, return it consistent with their return policy.

You need the device some times called Video Enhancer (SIMA-1, 2, or -200) to be connected between your VHS output and your DVD Recoredr Input. That would remove the VHS protection and prevented passing on through your DVD Recorder.

Duh! Probably would have helped if I included the link and mentioned the product (Sima GoDVD Video Duplicator).


Unfortunately, that add-on device will not work with dual VHS/DVD recorders (read: those whose VHS and DVD recorders are within the same cabinet). Such units have only one set of analog outputs - and any dubbing connection between the VHS and DVD portions of those units is internal. All of the analog inputs available on such units are automatically disabled when dubbing from one to the other on such combo units.

If you only plan on doing VHS to DVD then you might want to take a look at a digital video stabiiizer the cost is about $20 compared to the sima about $100. You can find it MCM Electronics.com. I have both and they work very well. Hoped this helps.

If you’ve got another VCR you could try this trick. Its how I dubbed out commercials before becoming digital & using computers…

take the VCR’s Out To TV cable & plug it into the VHS/DVD’s In From Antenna spot, and connect the VHS/DVD’s Out To TV to the TV. Hit play on the VCR & record on the VCR/DVD.

The VCR will think its playing the tape like regular, outputting to a TV while the VCR/DVD will think its recording from the TV.

what a shame i didn’t see the other messages regarding different ways to get around the copy protection issue…just returned the same unit you had after frustration with trying to dub 20+ year old VHS movies to Disc and constantly getting the E25 error message…I enjoyed using the unit and if i was sure the different method shown in the other post would work, i’d be tempted to go buy it again…i have 50-75 tapes i still need to convert… don’t know which way to move forward on this issue yet, but thanks for the post

Unfortunately, the antenna out on VHS Hi-Fi stereo VCR’s will only output monophonic audio when they’re actually playing the tapes (as opposed to merely passing through a broadcast TV signal). In addition, the RF output degrades the picture quality noticeably compared to the RCA A/V outputs.

I have the same problem of dubbing VHS Tapes to DVD’s on a combo VCR/DVD player. I tried the instructions from aekdb about how to hook up a separate VCR to the VCR/DVD player but I have cable coming in and I don’t have anywhere to plug in like he said. The Cable goes in and out of the Antenna spots.

Can someone help me please. Let me know what works.

Trying to copy old copy protected VHS tapes to DVD. Tried capture with Pinnacle 12 suing their 710-USB capture hardware. Not bad, quality suffered somewhat after the burn.
Tried capture with Adobe Premiere Elements ver 7. First with Sony CamCorder via RYW cable provided direct through to PC via Firewire. Resultant AVI was fine in Media Player. BUT, in Adobe it was progressively out of sync as it progressed. Totally unacceptable.
This was true just playing the AVI that Adobe created. Makes no sense.
Tried the same Adobe capture only this time to a tape in the Sony. Then captured the tape to AVI with Adobe. Same sync problem.
Read the Adobe created AVI into Pinnacle 12 and it was out of sync while playing.
Read a Pinnacle AVI into Adobe same sync problem. But playing in Pinnacle no problem.
Decided to try AEKDB solution (above). Worked very nicely.
I don’t know what it is with Adobe and their syncing. It’s not a problem on ripping DVDs to AVI and reading the AVI into Adobe for editing or whatever and reburning. That seems to be fine. But on capturing video it’s a big THUMBS DOWN for me.

$89 for a video stabilizer!?!? How about $15?