Dual WAN Router Advice

i just recently got a cable modem in my room because i did not like being firewalled and not being able to do VPN and do my work at uni. the apartment comes with free internet so no sense in letting it go to waste. What dual wan router should i get. i’d at least want something that i can download on one connection and play games on the other when i want low pingtimes. so something that can handle simultaneous connections for p2p is a must. also it has to be cheap. i’m poor, if its not cheap maybe suggest something i can get on ebay for cheap =o TIA guys

i would recommand you Linksys since they are a Cisco division and u cand have port forwarding

Actually what you’re asking for is kinda tricky, I’ve seen a few projects on Linux/BSD and they seem to work somewhat but when it comes to routers they’ve only seem to support fallover in case one WAN connection dies. My guess is that routers supporting what you’re asking for are quite expensive.

yea i noticed all the good ones are like 1k. the linksys RV082 is what i’m leaning toward but i’m not sure about the performance. still open to suggestions