Dual UJ-845S problem -- Need suggestions



I have two Matshita UJ-845S drives in my laptop. I successfully (and I use that word with hesitation) flashed one drive with the 102 firmware. I then realized that the master/slave/cs firmwares might be a better choice because of my two drive setup (both drives are on the same IDE channel). Well, after I got 102 on one drive I can’t get the other drive to take any other firmare so it’s stuck on 100 (I assume it’s not talking correctly since it’s probably a slave???). AND I cannot downgrade the drive with 102 on it. :a

I tried with only the 102 drive installed in the laptop (tried each position). I have tried every combination of single/both drives and every possible firmware available and all I get is failures for flashing.

I can read most media…there are some burned CD/DVD’s that I cannot get the system to boot with using the drives…but for the most part I can read discs. I cannot burn at all, I either get power calibration errors or I get unreadable discs (when I use magiciso the power calib. error never comes but the finished product is garbage).

I have been contemplating getting new slimline drives for my laptop but I want to give it one last shot to salvage my existing drives…so can anyone give me some things to try???

If not:
what is the best replacement drives (slot load or tray…I am not picky AS LONG AS IT’s SLIMLINE AND INTERNAL)

Thanks in advance!!! :iagree: