Dual Soundcards

Would it be possible to have to of the same soundcards on the same computer. I want to have two soundblaster 5.1 lives in my computer so that i can have 8-channel output.(I realize it wouldn’t be true 8-channel, but that half the channels would be the same).

Assuming i could set it up so that the didn’t interfere with each other and cause hardware conflicts, is the a program that will allow you to select 1 or the other or both at once for output?

I have just the one soundcard right now, but before i buy another one i want to know if its theoretically possible.


go buy a set of speakers you can buy a 7.1 set you know:confused:

Why would you buy a Live 5.1 in the first place? If you want mega sound, I suggest you get a Philips Acoustic Edge sound card, with which you can hook up 3 sets of Klipsch 2.1 ProMedia, for the ultimate in gaming experience. 6.3 baby!

BTW, given 1 Live already causes problems, 2 will be nightmare. Besides, you can sync the output w/ 2 sound cards. It’ll be either Live #1 or Live #2.

only reason why i want 2 live 5.1’s is because they are cheap.

I don’t have loads of cash, and my live hasn’t given me any problems. So i figured if its possible, why the hell not.

If you could reccomend a good soundcard and speakers for not more than $100 bucks, id go for it. Is the Philips Acoustic Edge inexpensive?

the creative Audigy will be cheap soon as the Audigy 2 is being released (or has been).

Audigy shits on any sound card

Originally posted by slayerking
[B]the creative Audigy will be cheap soon as the Audigy 2 is being released (or has been).

Audigy shits on any sound card [/B]

i dont know about that…my SB16 sounded pretty damn good when i was playing doom II back in 1989… :wink:

yeah it is a complete nightmare trying to get 2 soundcards in syncro(the software pretty much has to be written to do it specificly) so whatever software you were going to use is just going to use one or the other.
if your just trying to add more speaker’s then you should be able to just split the output from the card and run it into the 2 subwoofers. a good quality splitter shouldnt be more then 5-10 bucks at places like radio shack.

Just go with the Hercules gamesurround Fortissimo III 7.1 it is built for 7 speakers and blows the creative away, I got rid of my audigy for this one and am glad I did. I got it for 37.00 at newegg

thanks a lot. That was pretty much my goal to get more speakers. I’ll go with that hercules, that seems like a good deal.

Ok i found it for 42 bucks. In the description it says superior dvd audio playback. Does that mean that it supports dvd-a, or just that it sounds good if you’re watching a dvd?


As with most soundcards , they use directsound drivers… If they are crappy… your sound is gonna sound crappy as well.

For the most part the DirectX drivers take care of a lot of trouble on this. So it’s important that your new sound card is 100% DirectX compatible (preferably also DirectX 9).

Then there’s the sound processing itself… the processing first takes place in the application , where the process layer takes over (directsound) and then sends its info to the soundcard drivers. They pick it up and then will the hardware pick up and process the sound further. In general… the less processing the software has to do and the more advanced the sound chips are , the better quality.

Then there’s the standards battle. We don’t only have 44.1Khz 16Bit Stereo sound , but also Surround , Dolby , etcetera. If the soundchip is compatible with this… AND … the drivers are … AND directsound is … AND the application is … well yeah… then you will have the full 100% potential of your sound card.

ok great, maybe instead of buying a new card, i’ll bug someone to get me one for christmas.:bigsmile: