DUAL S801E problems!



hello, I recently bought a dual s801e dvd rw/r external gubbins drive, seemed to be working ok except i couldn’t get it to burn data dvds using nero backitup or express, it wouldn’t start the burning process so i decided to install live update and see if newer firmware would help (first time i’ve even heard of firmware!!) so i now have B048 and its RUBBISH!! now when i try to burn a dvd it keeps telling me that the disc in the drive is a cd-r when it quite clearly isn’t!
I’ve tried a system restore to get rid of this firmware but that hasn’t helped and now, being relativley computer illiterate, i’m stuck! Please help me or i will :sad: again! (oh and if you are generous enough to help me out could you keep it fairly simple?! :stuck_out_tongue: )
cheers in advance


Agreed. The most recent firmware updates B046 through B048 are no good in my view. Go back to B042. I have reverted to this one myself. The drive is not 100 percent reliable, but virtually useless using the most recent firmware that’s for sure. You can find earlier updates easily via Google…then just update with an earlier version. I have done more changing of firmware with this drive than I have burned discs. I keep looking out for a later update…B049 or 50…but there have been so many I suspect they will give up soon!!



are you aware this thread is 2 weeks old?


cheers colin i’ll try that, i bought some dvd-r to try instead of the dvd+rs and it looked like it was going fine up to about 90% written to disc then it all went tits up!! i haven’t used it since then but i’ll give it a go later!!


Ok Eggy. If you are using the Nero software package with the drive as I presume you are, you will notice in the Tools > Disc Info program that the checkbox for DVD+R is no longer ticked using B046 through 048, and that set alarm bells ringing for me. I did advise them by email (can’t remember whether BTC or Emprex), and they acknowledged my message. I’m wondering if these latest firmware upgrades were an attempt to make the drive dual-layer?? With mine though, even earlier common CD-Rs, like Sony brand, were no longer recognised at all!! Reversion to B042 or earlier should do the trick.



right so i just installed b042 and re-tried the drive. it burnt a data disc (dvd+r!!) succesfully but when i put the disc in the computer (either my dvd rom or the dual s801e piece of crap) it doesn’t recognise the disc!!! I’m getting so sick of this! i’ve wasted so many blank dvds that i’m thinking i might just take it back to the shop and exchange it for a whole different drive!!
You’re right about the little tick box thing, thats how i first kind of thought oo err wots going on?!?
I also emailed BTC about this, this is the reply i got:

dear sir

in NERO , you must choose “DVD write” not choose “CD write”
if still happen error.
Please contact with your dealer to ask for RMA service.


Top quality response hey?!?

Bit of advice to anyone thinking of getting one of these drives, DON’T!


Ok Eggy. Remember I did say in the beginning that I thought the drive was not 100 percent reliable, but I havent used mine much and will persevere with it a while. I have a sneaking feeling the manfs have realised all is not well and will quietly retreat. Wonder if there will be further firmware releases? I’m guessing not!



Thanks for recommending the use of B042, Colin, but it still doesn’t allow the drive to detect DVD+R dual layer media! :frowning: Is there a firmware version that supports DVD+R DL?

When I bought the Emprex Slim Dual DVD+/-R/RW for only $169.99 from Fry’s Electronics in Oregon, I had no idea it would have so many problems. I should have bought the IOMagic slim dual-layer DVD burner from Circuit City instead.




Hello Francis,

Sorry for delay to reply. Was only a theory of mine that later firmwares may have been an attempt to add dual layer facilities. Suspect they we just updates to make compatible with more disc manufacturers and types. What a shambles state all DVD burning is in. If a disc conforms to a DVD spec, why should not all discs be compatible with all drives??? Was the case for me until recently that FW B042 was the best, but sadly no longer…no action from my drive at all now. Think BTC consider themselves well out of the field, and I believe they are right, as clearly they are not up to it.