Dual operating System

I’ve got win2000 and 98 running on my PC.
Just say I want to install Office 2000,
do I need to install it through both operating systems, or can I install it under one folder where they can both access it?
Thanx heaps!

As far as I know, Office 2000 needs DLL files registered in the registry. So what I’d do is install Office2k on win98 in a folder, and install it in the same folder in Win2k. Works fine with other programs (ICQ)

You do need 2 install under both operating systems but installing in the same folder is not a good idea.
Just think what will happen when Service pack 1 for win2k is installed and then servicepack 1 for win98 ( for office 2k) and
they both install into the same dir.

What you have here, did i before.
You hafe to install it on both OS’s, but if you save erverything in the same folders, you CAN access it in both OS’s

There are some appz that are capebel to be insallt in win2000 and can be accest in win98.
Illustrator is one of them, Photoshop doesn’t work that way.

Yes, it can be done. Just install it on both systems in the same dir. But like said before be careful with updates, it happened to me once or twice that the program did’n’t work anymore.