Dual Monitors




I’m a newbie and wasn’t sure where to post this I was wondering if anyone could help me out on whether my computer would support dual monitors.

I have got the following set up

intel i7 4790 cpu
Gigabyte H81m ds2v
16gb ram
Nividia Geforce GT 630 1gb

I think the processor has hd graphics 4600 2gb but only 1 dvi port on the motherboard, so would it be possible to buy a usb to hdmi adaper for a second monitor off the motherboard?

or should I buy another graphics card, if so which one would be best?

I mainly use it for Adobe software.

Sorry I do not have much knowledge about computers if anyone could help I would really appreciate it!!


Yes the Nividia Geforce GT 630 has dual capability


thankyou so much for the quick reply!

Sorry this is probabaly really obvious but do I just plug one into the hdmi port and one into the dvi port? (is the dvi port he same as a digital port?

thanks again and sorry for my complete lack of knowledge!


DVI and HDMI are two different types of digital ports (HDMI can carry audio as well as video). So, yes, I’d plug straight into these ports.

This page confirms that the card has support for multiple monitors. http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gt-630/specifications


Which Geforce GT 630 version do you have? Different versions have different outputs on the card itself.

Edit: beat to the punch. Which connections do you have on your displays?