Dual Monitor KVM Switch - Experiences?



Anyone with experiences with Dual Monitor KVM setups? I’m planning on setting up two dual monitor systems to use common displays and wondering if the displays will be degraded going thru the switch.


I own such a switch. Bought a cheap switch (I believe the brand was “Kobiyashu”) at a computer sale and it works really well. As far as I can tell the image quality is equal compared to when my screen is directly connected to any of the systems. Switching between different systems can be done by either a set of hotkeys or the button on the KVM. I’m using this 4-port KVM for connecting my server, secundary desktop, laptop and random others pcs to one screen/keyboard/mouse.

They have all kinds of nice KVM switches these days btw; some feature audio, USB and even firewire or lpt. Proffessional KVM switches are accessable through telnet, but I guess that’s not what you intend to buy :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info. I do a lot of Photoshop and DVD authoring and was concerned about image quality. I’m looking at this one right now:


Don’t know that one, but considering the price and the fact that is has DVI support, I’d think it to be a good one.

Image quality depends heavilty on the used cables btw…

Mine only cost about $30, including all cables.