Dual LM300WQ3 2560*3200 (or 5120*1600)

I bought two LCD monitors based on LG.Philips LM300WQ3 panel along with a Microstar International (MSI)'s 8600GT PCI-E card. The MSI 8600GT has two DVI connectors. The 8600GT supports Dual Dual-Link DVI meaning it can display at 51201600 horizontal span mode or 25603200 vertical span mode or 2 * 2560 * 1600 independent mode. Cloning is also supported.

LM300WQ3 Spec: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1907753&postcount=40

More pictures - I prefer phones for taking pictures.

I will try quad-WQXGA (5120*3200=16 million pixels) later.

I want one!

There are two prices at http://dmall.danawa.com/sale/saleSearchListTotal.php?sMarkKetOptFeild=prodN&nLocaleC1=0&k1=LM300WQ3&x=12&y=13

Does the DIY price only includes the panel display?

In the U.K, LM300WQ5 are available according to displaze.co.uk


Not a good deal as what you paid for two.
I saw this Gateway monitor yesterday not knowing what panel it used. The sale person stated it is sensative to low frequencies such as a sub woofer, causes circle distortions.