Dual Layers

Will clone DVD 2 copy dual layers discs? I have a dual layer burner.

Yes, and use AnyDVD in the background with it, that’s pretty much all you would ever need.

Thank you HatchetMan. I was just wondering cause it said 54% on the slider thing.

Then it is set to DVD5, simply change that to DVD+R DL, or whatever is in that little drop down menu, or else CloneDVD2 will be shrinking it to fit onto a single layer. Instead of 54% it should now read 100%. When you got to rip/burn it should say target size sufficient, transcoder disabled.

Although CloneDVD2 will copy DLs, you might like CloneCD better…

Not to get off track, but I have CloneDVD2 already, what do you feel are the advantages of CloneCD?

It perserves the original layer break for one. Go to SlySoft’s site and read about it. You may be quite happy with CloneDVD2, many people are.

Thanks again HatchetMan. I will try that, cause so far I am just making coasters.

Neal: CloneDVD2 will remember the last media setting you used. If you set it this time to DL, that is where it will open next time. This can drive you nuts if you’re not expecting it when you backup your next movie.

Still no go. It’s got to be bad media as Clone keeps telling me. You get what you pay for. Serves me right, after all I’d never heard of “PLAYO”. I’ll wait till the stores open and look for something more mainstream.
Thanks for your help people!!

most people on here that use DL media use verbatim DL +R, give them a try and see how it goes

Thanks, I have searching for what to use and they are at the top of my list. I’m going to try them.

The answers to your questions already exist on cdf. The search feature on cdf is a very good tool.




I know how important it is to utilize the search feature and I have done so many times in many different forums on several boards. Knowing what to ‘search’ for is part of the problem. Those with the knowledge have the power and until I (if ever) get to where the powerful are I will continue to bore some I guess. I did not intend to offend with my newbie questions. Honest!
Thanks again for the advice Bjproc! The Verbatim DVD DL+R worked like a charm.

Whisperer1, thanks for the links! I’m reading.