Dual layering dvd



i have a dual layering dvd burner. i was wondering if there was a way to burn two layers on a single layer dvd. (8.5 gb on a 4.7 gb dvd) in other words, make the dual layering burner think it has a dual layer dvd in it so that it will burn two layers on a 4.7 gb dvd doubling its compacity. thanks


no…there’s only ONE layer on a single layer dvd. if you fill the first layer the disc is full. you can’t trick it into anything becaus ethere’s simply no more room to put the data.

if you wish to burn dual layer dvds you muct purchase dual layer blanks

verbatim branded dual layer blank discs are really the only ones recommended at the moment. many burners and firmwares have trouble with other brands.

if you’re going to burn DL media make sure your firmware is up to dat eas well.


This is impossible as Single Layer Dvds only have one layer. But you can compress dual layer dvds (if they are movies) onto single layered ones. This does decrease the picture quality though.


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Sadly, there’s no GigaRec- or HD-BURN-like thing for DVD media, which stores data with a much higher density.


@d_dog: You are entited to your opinion, but we do not allow rude and disrespectful remarks to be made to other members.

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Why do we have DUAL and DOUBLE LAYER…??


All thanks to the manufacturers. Only thing missing now is TWIN layer… :D.


I meant more: what would be the purpose of having DL if we could burn that much stuff just by using oldish dvd5s instead???


So you could fit 16GB on a DL layer disc, using the same funky compression method as squeezing 9GB onto a 4.5GB disc :wink:


I knew this argument were coming, but you know what I meant, Debro! :wink:


Aye :wink:

I’d expect if we could really do that, then we’d have done it in software before putting onto the media …
WTF am I talking about! We already do … Bwuhahahahhahahahaa!


Yeah man, you know why I still have my cd burners around?
I will transform them into dvd or even hd-dvd burners one day, magically, only by using some quirky betaflasher and selfcoded firmwares…