Dual Layered?

Im a noob when it comes to this. Is there a possibility (or is it even possible) that the 712a drive in the future will have a firmware upgrade for dual layered writing?

Judging from the past, i find it rather unlikely. No other Plextor product has ever been OCed to a better model.

but why is that? they don’t even support booktype changes…

Booktype changes is not in the book standards and Plextor has a policy about this kind of things unfortunately.

Well, what is the price of a comparable dual layered burner to the 712a?

Search for Nec2510, Liteon 832S, BenQ 830, Sony DRU700A and compare prices :wink:

So those are decent/reliable drives? Thanks man.

Sony DRU700A & Liteon 832S are the same drives. Sony has Liteon making their dvd burners.

So those are decent/reliable drives?

Read the NEC, LITEON, BENQ forums here in cdfreaks.com or look at cdrlabs forum site. All brands of dvd burners will have their pros and cons.

Could someone explain what booktype changes are?

Changing a recorded DVD+R in order to look like a DVD-Rom so that it is recognised by more players thus making it more compatible.