Dual layered writing

Well i guess the newbie forum is the best place to post this since i know knothing.

I have a quastion about dual layered writers. i have read different threads on this board and have become a little confused. What is the best format to get a dvd dual layered writer in? + or - format? Im not sure that there even is a - format but i have heard that home dvd players come in both formats so in order to ply a backed up movie DVD on one youd have to have the right format DVD.

Also i read briefly somewhere that someone said that they had flashed their drive so that they caould write to dual layered. Is this possible? :smiley:

1st of all, there’s not DL DVD-R. DVD-R’s development is slow compared to what DVD+R is doing. No no, you can’t flash a single layer DVD writer to DL. That’s like asking if you can flash a CD-ROM to DVD-ROM. They don’t even use the same type of laser.

Stoner has the first part right, the second part wrong. At the moment there is only DVD+R double layer (that’s the official name, not dual layer) available which writes at 2.4x.

You are rights, many people have flashed their single drives to dual layer drives, this is possible for brands like NEC (e.g ND-2500 to 2510), Lite-On (e.g 451S@832S and 851S@832S0) and BenQ. You should check out our Recording Hardware Forum for more information on that.