Dual Layer



Is it possible that there is anyway to make the xbox read dual layer dvd’s or is there any program that would make it able to do that. I know there are atleast 15 xbox game that are too big for a 4.7G cd and used a dl disc.


It already read dual layer DVDs.
Use Bitsetting to fool the Xbox into thinking it’s reading a pressed Dual Layer DVD.


So how would I do that?


would it read games also?


Game backups require a mod chip to be played. This is something you need to get in your area, and someone adept witha soldering iron to do.

Bitsetting tools are available for many, many drives.
Please do a search for the brand of your drive and “bitsetting” on the forums. There are already too many “How do i bitset?” posts on the forums.

As to how to copy a dual layer game to a single layer DVD, I cannot be sure, as the instructions are usually game specific. Many games however use dummy files to make them uncopyable.

If you have a liteon 451, 851, 812, then you can flash it to an 832 drive which is dual layer capable.
If you have an NEC drive, they may also be upgradable.