Dual layer

im trying to backup a 2 sided dvd FACE OFF when using dvd decryter it only sees one side have to turn disk over manually for decrypter to see rest of files copied files to 2 separate folders and then renamed second side ie vts _01_1 ,2,3,etc in 1 new folder but when i run dvd2one it only sees half the film any advice please not sure now not had this before thanks

what you are talking about is a "two sided"dvd. a dual layer dvd is two layers on one side. there are also dual layered two sided dvd’s, Terminator 2 is one of these.

the information you are looking for is easily found here in this forum.

try this http://ifoedit.wh.fr0zen.com/joinclip.html#joindbl

it worked for me for Goodfellas,a two sided dvd,and Fellowship of the ring extended edition,a two dvd set, i joined the two dvds to one dvdr.

remember,all dvds are different,each one you do may need to be tweaked in a different way with ifoedit.

thanks for info its all clever stuff this dvd lark and im learning all the time seem to have got the hang of this bit cheers regards

im still having problems backing up 2 sided dvds im decrypting to 2 seperate folders then using vobedit as it says in guide but not sure on the last vob id on side A cant seem to find that info also when i play original films on power dvd end of side A turn disk over but side B starts wrong place?? also menus for dvd are at end of side B film plays fine on standalone confused !!!

open the last VOB of the side A in vobedit. scroll all the way to the bottom (lef side). Look for vob-id (u may have to scroll up a few pages from the bottom). when u join the clips, use the vob-id 1 more than the last vob-id.

i have combined double sided movies into 1 using this method. believe me, it works.

hi thanks for advice have done this and on both films last vob navigation pack is 1 so use 2 in join clips procedure then rename files add to side A run ifoedit to correct ifo then run dvd2one but it finishes after only half film doing as it says in guide but still no go