Dual layer

Hi, I want to try a dual layer disc, i can get a pack of fuji for 30 15 in a pack anyway do i have to do anything different , i use dvd decrypter and dvd fab and shrink will this work .

dvd shrink is not the best to set correctly the layer break.

Read this guide to find more details


To make a one to one copy use DVD Decrypter - ISO Read, then burn with IMGBURN ISO Write.

Yes that is correct. Depending on how new your movie is that you are backing up. Make sure that you use the latest version of AnyDvD in conjuction with DvD Decrypter during the iso read stage so that you remove all the copy protections.

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To try DL out you should START with buying one or two of them…

Clonecd is an alternative to preserve the original layer break.