Dual Layer




Just wanted to know if there are any cheap dual layer discs around yet? They still seem to be far to expensive to be worth buying. Also I’ve just ordered some datawrite titanium printable discs for £4.99, any feedback from anyone who has bought some would be great! I live in UK.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


well in the usa the cheapist u will find is the 3 pack of DL memorex (ritek) dor 19.99 at fry’s


That’s around £3.50 each, far too expensive for my liking! Anybody able to source them cheaper in uk/europe? Many thanks!


You would be wise to buy nothing but Verbatim DL media, the cheaper Ritek tend to fail a lot, which makes them more expensive.


when the media comes down to about 4 dollars a disc i may buy a few, but before that i sticking to SL