Dual layer

i have a problem with dual layer dvd`s ,i run the movie thro dvd decrypter ,then thro dvd2one to reduce it to 4.29 gigs then when i try to write it nero says it needs a dual layer disc even tho it has been shrunk ,any ideas ??? i am using nero

@ monoyam
are you sure the file size that Nero wants to write is not too large, even though the source files are under the one disc limit? Try reducing one to 4GB and see if that helps. You may be able to find in the burn log what size nero WANTS to burn.
Also, dvdshrink works very well when it comes to compressing exactly whats needed and works with nero well. Maybe you couyld give that a try.

it seems only to happen to certain dvds ,some burn ok when reduced to 4.29 gigs but others wont write ,do u think there is some type new of protection in some dvds ??

@ monoyam
I don’t think it is a protection thing, as nero wouldn’t ask for a DL disc, it would say, ‘copying not allowable’ or something to that affect. But you need to supply more info on your burn procedure concerning successful burns and these ‘DL-needed’ burns. Can you supply a burn log for each to compare?