Dual layer writer : possible to copy complete DVDs without quality loss?



Hi there,

I currently have a Sony DRU500a which I use to make backups of my DVD movies using DVDDecrypter + CloneDVD. Works fine, but I hate having to lower movie quality or remove extras to get it to fit on a DVD.

I’m very interested in the new Sony DRU700 but I wonder if it’s (already) possible to simply copy DVD movies without any ‘special’ software. Is it enough to decrypt a movie with DVDDecrypter and then write it to the (dual layer) DVD with Nero or some other burning program or are there additional steps needed to do this (maybe the layer change could cause some problems?)

Any advice appreciated! I would love to get a dual layer writer, but I definitely need to be sure I can use to to backup my movies without quality loss. Thx for the advice.


DL writers are not the issue here – DL media is.
I believe right now DL media is not available for sale … even if they are, the prices are ridiculous - something like $10-15 per blank !!

If you really want to backup movies with no quality loss, you can easily split it over 2 discs – prices of DVD-R +R is low enough to make this possible.



ok. thx for the response. so I guess I’m better off waiting for newer drives/media to come along before selling my DRU500 and getting a dual layer writer. there’s no point in taking dual-layer backups if a) media is too expensive and b) compatibility with DVD players is almost non-existant (as far as I can tell from previews, this is definitely the case with current available drives/media)