Dual-Layer with LightScribe

I can’t find any DVD Dual-Layer media that has LightScribe. Are they available? Will they become available?

I only saw DL media (both +R and -R) come in printable flavors, but no LS as of yet. LightScribe discs are overpriced anyway, and considering the current prices of DL media, LS discs would be too expensive.

I don’t think so, at least ATM. I’ve seen only printable DL media (Verbatim). :slight_smile:


Printable DL media, either +R or -R, would be by far the better option.
You also would get better results by using an printer…

Well the point is you first need to understand Verbatim/Mitsubishi that there is a serious market for this befor they will produce it.
Currently printable and branded MKM dual layer exist.

I bought a Samsung LightScribe Drive so that I don’t have to bother with other printing methods. Nothing else to buy but the media so far as I’m concerned. I know some don’t really like Lightscribe 'cause it takes a while and stuff but it should serve its purpose just fine with me. I don’t mind the monochrome color and the time it takes.

It’s more expensive in the end using LS or LF.