Dual Layer with 1click and anydvd?

trying to determine if 1click and anydvd do a good job on DL discs? I seem to be having a few issues though I did get a couple of backups completed. One disc seems like poor quality though.

I’m using the and anydvd with dual layer checked and remove menus etc. checked.

Will this maintain the layer break?


What are the issues you are having, what type of disc are you using and at what speed are you burning?

Is there a special reason that your using DL disc? 1Click will compress a movie enough to fit on a 4.7g disc and their quite a bit less expensive.
Anyhow, 1Click should be able to record to a DL with no issues, just make sure you have the “DL” option checked.

If you have DL checked and are copying to a double layer disk, there is no reason to remove anything (remove menus, etc.) When going double layer to double layer there will be no compression, so you ought to do a 1:1 copy. What DougJ said is correct. I use double layer only when a movie only copy exceeds 45 percent compression.