Dual Layer Traxdata + Playback

Apologies if this is the wrong forum.
I have recently purchased an LG GSA-4167B and have created backup dvd using Ulead Media Factory Disc Creator Version 3.
No Problems - burning and playback 4.7GB movies - and equally everything ok burning to 8.5GB 2.4x Traxdata DVD+R DL using Ulead MFDC V3.
However on playback- The movie, plays ok in my GSA-4167B, but not on my pioneer standalone DVD player or my Philips DVDR70 DVD Recorder.
Sometimes plays ok - problems with chapter finds, and freezes in menu.
I set for DVD-9 (8.5GB) in Ulead preferences.
Is this a traxdata (RICOH) media problem - or does my standalone player and recorder need firmware upgrades?
I follow Loobsters excellent instructions including use of Womble - have I missed a trick here for Dual Layer media?
Many Thanks

It could be that sometimes Ricoh DL media makes a problem, but is the booktype -ROM?
Otherwise i’d try Verbatim personally for me the best DL media.

Thanks for prompt reply.
Booktype is DL - so maybe I need to change.
Always used Verbatim Single Layer - superb media - only bought Traxdata as it was cheaper.
Will definitely purchase Verbatim DL next time

Sorry - realised I can’t change Booktype on DVD+R DL now.
Is there any way to do it on LG GSA-4167B before I burn another disc?

I’m not sure but it could be that this drive does it automatically, but you could normally change booktype for example in Nero Cd/Dvd Speed in options extras or Nero Burning Rom
option Choose Recorder and you’ll see there booktype settings.

How do you figure that’s not possible? :cool:

Thankyou Rapid
I’ll give it a go

I use Verbatim DVD-R DL. It makes changing booktype rather superfluous since its booktype is the same as Single Layer DVD-R. And that’s supported by mostly anything these days.

Thanks Sulacu.
I have a Standalone Philips DVDR70 which is +R / +RW
I mainly used RW’s on that and then author to + R on my LG GSA-4167B.
In my ignorance - I totally overlooked the fact I can author -R/-RW as well.
My Pioneer Standalone player should then have no problems reading my -R DL authored disk.
Will be getting a consigment of Verbatim DVD-R DL this weekend to try it out.
Thanks Again

Personally i wouldn’t take the -R DL, normally in this case it’s the opposite.
DL +R with ability to change the booktype to -ROM would have a higher compatibility with dvd players.