Dual layer thanks!

Thanks to those who’ve offered input to others on dual layer back up issues with regards to layer breaks. I’ve had my plextor 716 for about 3 months but at 3-4 bucks a piece, I was worried about making some pricey coasters.

Anyways, I’ve done my research, read plenty of posts around here and gathered up the nerve to try a dual layer back up. I needed to make a copy of The Village because my 20 month old daughter has decided to make the original a chew toy. So I grabbed some Verbatim DVD+R DL media, down loaded Imgburn and boom. With DVD Decryptor as my ripper, I was succesful with my first attempt at duplicating an entire DVD.

Thanks for the tips and tricks! :clap:

i envy people like you that do your research and get it right the first time.

i do very well for myself now, but i always jump into things headfirst then figure out what i’m doing later haha.

glad the board has helped you out!

Yeah, you’re a lucky bastard. (See my post entitled, “Help! 10-DL Coasters!”)
Question: Why use Imgburn instead of DVD Decrypter’s own write function?

Because ImgBurn is written by the same author and it’s updated.

I’m so glad to have read your post!
I have only downloaded IMGburn yesterday cause it sounds the right thing to write dual layer dvd’s with. However, I don’t still get it right. Where are those tips and tricks you talk about in your post.
Pleas help mej.

When you say you still don’t get it right, what exactly do you mean? You’re unsure of how to make a DL backup, or you’ve tried and gotten an error? Give us some more info and we can probably help you out. If you search this forum for “dual layer” you’ll find tons of useful information on burning flawless dual layer backups with a variety of different software.