Dual Layer Suggestions



First of all y are dl still expensive,while bray and hd-dvd technology has arrived?

Anyway,i need suggestion for quality dvd+r dl discs for storage.

I have a nec recorder and i’m buying from here:


I heard that verbatim are the best.How bout the 25 cackebox 2.4x at 48 euros?

Will the slower speed affect the quality of the burns?


You should have no problems at all with 2.4x +R DL Verbies. Hopefully they’ll be Made in Singapore :slight_smile:


So you say i shall go for the 25 cacebox from the link above,or do you think there’s ultimately a better option?

I dont want to go cheap or anything…


2.4x ones are the most compatible I can recommend, since you don’t say what model NEC you have (and therefore if it supports higher speed DL discs).

Verbatim are the best DL media you can get, and coupled with the high compatibility of the 2.4x, this is why I’m saying I’d go for those. :wink:


I have nec 3540a and i think it supports up to 8x.

But is 2.4x speed,only for second layer or for both?
Basically how much time approximately will i spend for a full 8.5 image?

I’m also thinking of maybe going for a newer dvd +/- rw dl.NEc or not though i have not yet figured.

Thanx for your answer and for clarifying it!


The whole DVD+R DL is burned at 2.4x

A full disc at 2.4x will take about 45 minutes.