Dual Layer Speed of 2.4X - What does the future hold?

I want to buy a dual layer dvd burner but they all have 2.4X for dual layer dvds. It will take ~45 min to burn a whole disc. That s kind of long, does anyone know when faster dual layer burners will come out?

With your name, I thought you would know the answer. I’ve heard 4x support for the late fall. They’ll always be something better coming out. How many of these discs do you plan to do, I saw a $12.99/ disc fee today! Cheaper to just buy it prerecorded.

So what’s wrong with that? ~45 min to burn ~8.5gb of data seems pretty fast to me. :wink:

hrmmm. let me see, $13 for 8.5 gig or 50 cents for 4.3? I’ll buy them when they come down to a 1$ each. =]

$3 for 8.5GB is already feasible. It may be safe to wait for $1 or $2 DL media to appear in the fall or by year end. For anyone who wants to buy DL media NOW, don’t buy them for your backup purpose. Only buy them for test purpose. You are just feeding the media manufacturers. :slight_smile:

nice to see you post here on the dark side every once and a while phil! :stuck_out_tongue:

but with herries latest version of hacked nec 2500a fw i can now burn dl at 4x so id say the 4x dl drives are just around the corner. :wink:
and yes the burn was good took about 24 min. for 8.2 gig.

did you burn a dl disk @4x with a new 25x0 fw by herrie? :eek:

Hi Jamos,
I am sorry for my bad english language…
Could you tell what is this version of the firmware and from where I can download it?
Thanks in advance
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It is a prerelease version of Herries’ final hacked firmware.
You can’t download it yet, it is still being privately tested.
Keep an eye on the NEC forum, it will soon be released and downloadable for all to enjoy. :bigsmile:

what he said…

Looking forward to when 16x DL and cheap media is available :wink: But by then Blu-Ray and HD-DVD will be out.