Dual layer ridisc 2.4x or the ridisc 8x dual layers for the 360 backups



i know alot of you will say to use verbs :bow: but they are very expensive . on this note i have currently been using the ridisc 2.4x dual layer disc (pack of 10) and have had no coaters at all from them … i have approx burnt 40+ which im so far happy with on a pioneer 111d using image burn…

now i have recently been to my local shop and they have ridisc dual layer 8x discs now and i was wondering if anyone has used these to do 360 back ups on as i would like to bump up the speed to around 4x if possible and the above discs will give me this option… if they coaster at this speed then it will still give me a choice when i goto the my local shop to purchase new discs…

So the main question is will these ridisc 8x daul-layer discs work for 360 backups???

Also could anyone recommend a cd print tool for the epson r360… the printer comes with a cd print tool but i was wondering if there are any better ones available ??


jay :slight_smile:


ridiculous if you compare their price to the price of the 360 ORIGINALS.


cheers for the reply