Dual Layer recording software that actually works?

Can any of you folks make any recommendations as to what DVD recording software actually works properly recording Dual Layer media?

I wanted to search for this but there seems to be a problem with the CDFreaks search engine…it 404s

Currently I’m using Sonic RecordNOW! 7.3. It does work quite well sometimes however the code does seem somewhat flawed and it does report failures on discs that playback perfectly and also some it does crash on more than likely needlessly. So it’s got to go…I know Nero is generally crap, although I have had a few sucesses with recent versions, but I’m reluctant to try too many discs for obvious reasons.

The hardware is all NEC, 3500 - 4550, I use both Traxdata and Verbatim discs, Verbatim as much as possible of course.

So over to you guys for suggestions…

Imgburn (www.imgburn.com) is highly recommended.

hmm, link seems to be dead, sorry. You can get it here too:


If it is only DVD movies your backing up then 1click supports DL media.