I had an existing DVD recorder & thought I would get me one of those nice dual layer recorders – in one weeks time I had purchased & exchanged 3 different brands – the first was the HP dual layer with lightscribe ( I believe there were more issues then just the one) the 2nd was an LG brand with lightscribe, the 3rd & latest is a PIONEER brand without lightscribe (I figured if, I got away from the fancy features & just got a basic dual layer drive, that might help) as for the current for now unless I take it back too - is that it does play both DVD & CD’s with no problems & it does record on a single layer disc with no problem HOWEVER, when I insert a blank dual layer DVD disc into the unit - the drive changes from DVD-RW to CD: AND I am not sure if, it recognizes the dual layer (dvd) disc – on all occaisons I did make sure to download & update all firmware for that particular make drive BUT, have not worked – SO, I am also wondering if there might also be a compatibility issue with the brand of blank disc I am using, which is the VERBATIM brand which, I have never had a problem yet with VERBATIM but, I of course needed to get a pack of the dual layer discs when I bought the drive & the salesman showed me these on sale - however, there may still a problem using these discs ------ HAS any one successfully installed a dual layer dvd drive & found compatible blank discs – anyone else had this problem??

OH, for any newcomers or anyone else this may help - forget about tech support from HP & LG -- these companies suck at it - they obviously do NOT give a crap about the consumer - they NEVER had the decency to reply to me!!

DAMN that text is BIG and RED :eek:

What you describe is exactly what I would expect to see under Windows. Windows does not have DVD burning software built in, and so does not recognise some or all DVDs as such. This is irrelevant as your burning application (Nero etc) will recognise the media and burn no problems.

If your only criteria for diagnosing a fault is the above comment then I suggest to you that there was in fact nothing wrong with any of the three drives that you have bought.

2 posts so far and probably not taken the time to read other posts first or using the SEARCH function…?!?

The mentioned “problems” were asked and answered countless times before here in this forum. :bigsmile:

Here is one: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=186464

Some people need to read up on their information before jumping to conclusions, use the search feature or ask a question.

Why anyone would launch a BIG RED rant before acquiring even the most rudimentary knowledge (freely availible here in these forums) is beyond me. I suggest you do some reading before posting again.