Does any one know if the firmware for the 832 and other Dual layer
+R liteon dvd Drives will be upgradable to Dual layer -R ? :confused:


I Think The Lite-On SOHW-1693S Is Dual layer -R Capable

The Lite-On SOHW-1673S Maybe Able To Flash To Lite-On SOHW-1693S

Only Time Will Tell


Hmm may i ask what the use for DVD-R DL is ?
Isnt it unreasonable to start a product when the DVD+R DL is already there ?
OK it sounds weird but whats the point in using a media what costs on startup more then the not so expensive and more used DVD+R DL ?
I can say the startprices for DVD+R DL were crazy and i think it will be the same with DVD-R DL or am i wrong ?


why would someone use dvd-r/w/9 when dvd+r/w/9 is better? and with bitsetting to -rom you won’t have any problems, too. and why is the dvd- format supported at all? there are a lot of questions which only the big companies can answer…


maybe -R-DL is for PlayStation2 burning…


PS2 games aren’t pressed on DL discs…


some are. What about Gran Turismo 4? That game is dvd9 for sure. And all PS2-units support reading of all pressed dvds, dvd5 as well as dvd9. I’m not sure about dvd +R9 or -R9.


ok, there are few games on dl discs.
but you can bitset +r9 discs, so there really is no need for -r9.