Dual layer: +r, -r, or does it matter

I’m tried and true on TY-02 dvd-r, but a certain task is requiring me to use some dual layer discs. This is my first attempt at trying dl, so I need some advice. From what I’ve been able to find so far it appears that Verbatim is the way to go. I have an NEC 3520A, and I’ve never flashed it. I think I need to flash it before I burn anything, but I’ll save that for a search or another thread. I need to get some dl media, and these are the best prices I’ve found so far:



The +r is cheaper, but I’ve been using -r for so long I’m scared to change. Does anyone have some good advice?

I don’t have the 3520 but I believe it supports auto bitsetting DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM making it more compatible on standalone players. Many (older) players will confuse with DVD-R DL because it’s recognize as DVD-R while having two layers, thus usually stuck at layer break. So the safe bet is DVD+R DL bitset to DVD-ROM and you’re right that Verbatim is the way to go.

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And stay away from RitekD01’s. Total trash for any writer.

Thanks guys. I ordered the 20 pack from newegg. I wanted to wait for the free shipping to come back, but I don’t have the luxury of time right now. Looks to be the best deal anyway, though.