Dual layer questions

I have been reading the forums for a while now and I think I have thoroughly confused myself.

I just purchased a new gateway system w/dvd-rw. I believe it is an NEC ND-3500AG???

On the nec website, it indicated that this drive has dual layer capabilities. If this is so, what is the best method for backing up dvd’s?

Do I still want to download DVDshrink and use that method, or do I buy dual layer media and utilize another software program?

Finally, it seems there is a preference for taiyo yuden, maxell, fuji media. Are these also the preferences for dual layer media.

I would appreciate any advice.

Dual Layer Media is currently too expensive in comparison to R+/-.

A DVD R- costs around 0,36€, this is 0,08€ / 1GB

A Dual Layer DVD costs around 5€, this is 0,58€ / 1 GB

you only need srink to put a dvd9 onto a dvd 5 disk, if you are backing up data you would not use srink,i also agree as of now i buy very few(6 in all) as theprice od dual layer needs to come down a lot.you can also put the movies over 2 dvd