Dual Layer Question



I am considering buying a Lite On dual layer drive. My intentions are to backup my DVD collection on single DL discs. Am I going to have any problem playing these discs in standard DVD players or using various types of software to back them up (Clonedvd, etc…)? And also if anyone can recommend a good DL drive for me to purchase that would be great. Thanks


Lite-On DVD burners in general do not produce good results with poor quality media; on the other hand, some people get fantastic results with middle of the road blanks. This phenomenon is not limited to Lite-Ons (although if you use absolutely bottom of the barrel stuff, it is almost guaranteed that a Lite-On will spit it out).

The other variable is the playback device. If your players are tolerant and don’t strictly follow the DVD spec, you might have luck with mediocre burns. But if they just aren’t good at playing back burnt DVDs, you might need near flawless burns to get good, working copies.

My advice is to buy small quantities of recommended media (check out the CDFreaks media forum and http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia) and test them out with your standalone players when you get them.


and some people (like me) get very bad results and coasters with first quality media (Verbatim MCC002)


dont bother with DL right now, its in early stages and in a way like “beta” software, it has lots of problems, wait a few months and see what happens, then burners and media will have come down in price as well. plus DL has alot of compatibility issues.