Dual layer question

thinking of getting a dual layer writer. notice that pioneer is the only one that have -r dl and +r dl while most others only have +r dl. what is the difference and is -r dl any good? also -rw dl is being devloped, so should i wait?

I would only consider dual layer support as a small part of the equation (unless you really think you will use it). Single layer disks can be gotten as cheap as 30 cents a piece for decent media (on rare occation, cheaper). dual layer disks still cost about 5$ a piece. Would you rather use one disk for 5$ or two for 60 cents? It might improve your future compatibility when prices finally drop resonablly but by then, much beter dual layer drives will probably be out.

The Pioneer is not the only drive that supports DVD-R DL, the Plextor PX-716A supports it as well. But, besides supporting it, I wonder how long it will take before we’ll actually be able to buy this media and at which price. I think the media will be very expensive and quite frankly, not worth it. As ripit said, for the price of one dual layer disc you can nowayds get four or even five single layer disc (and I’m not talking about cheap low quality media here). So, personal opinion; don’t wait. Get a burner that’s good at writing single layer media and if it happens to support dual layer as well that’s a bonus.

ive already got a single layer dvd writer, do you think its too early to get a dl writer? i know the media is expensive, so i in no hurry. do you think i should get a pioneer or wait for dl rerwritables?

I’d say that if you are happy with your single layer writer, there is no good reason to get a new one just to support dl – wait until the price of the media comes down, and there will be better writers out there for it.

If your happy and you like the quality of your burns you may want to wait for Blu Ray or HD burners. :slight_smile:
I have a 3500 and as of now I don’t see any reason to buy anything else.
Just a note:
DVD-R(DL) will be supported by F/W update for the 3520, in fact the website say estimated availability date of this firmware is May 1, 2005. :slight_smile:
So I guess we know have 3 drives that can support something that may never come about or be worth the money. :rolleyes: :slight_smile:

I defanatlly agree with everybody else. If you already have a single layer burner that is working well for you, it’s not worth getting another drive just to get dual layer right now. You would be beter off waiting. If you were to get another drive right now, I would make it’s single layer burning capabilities your main concern. I have three dual layer burners (at least I think they all do dual layer) and have burned hundreds of single layer disks but to date have not burned one dual layer. Depending on where you are (were kind of lucky in the US) you can get single layer media cheap. When on sale, you can get verbatium, maxell, ty or what every is your favorite media for 40 cents or less. You can easilly get a dozen of the best quality disks for the cost of one dual layer.

I’ll agree as well, DL media is still outta reach coz of it’s heavy price. So I’d say, unless you plan to stay with the same DVD writer for years and years (which would be rather foolish having in mind the really low prices of burners nowadays), go for whatever good SL writer and all and any DL features are just a bonus. By the time DL media becomes affordable, 4x and 6x DL burners will probably be history already (as 6x is the fastest writer out there at the moment).