Dual layer Q please, and 1 other

I now have a BenQ 1640. I have read that if I get another burner, I may want to consider a dual layer one. What does dual layer do? Do I want one? If so, what mdel may be the best for me? Any help is appreciated. I was going to get a second BenQ. What would you do? Thanks.

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The Benq 1640 is a dual layer burner any, as the vast majority of current burners are.

What do I use dual layer for? And thanks for the reply.

Dual layer means you can back up an entire DVD as opposed to having to get rid of things from it. The dl discs hold twice as much as sl discs. THough they are a tad expensive at the moment so it depends on if you think they are worth it or not.

Aha…Thanks for the info. Is it reasonable to think that if I had two burner/readers, that a backup would be approx twice as fast?

Actually, it probably won’t. Still has to read and then write.

That’s a wrong conclusion and wishful thinking. :wink:

Thought so. So is there any benefit to have two burners?

Only if you use a mixture of DVD media & burner A is better for one type & burner B is better for another type.

I’ve got a Benq 1620 & an LG 4163B (which has DVD-RAM capability) & I use whichever burns best at the time with a particular media.

But generally the answer is NO.