Dual layer problems

i have nero 6.6, pioneer 110d burner,all 3 dvd shrinks ,the problem im getting is every time i burn a dvd 9 dual layer it plays in my computer ok but not in anything else it has menu fault it sticks as soon as the menus start on the dvd iv even ran through dvd shrink to encode the dvd but as soon as i start to burn i hit problems or if it does burn it wont play can some1 please help me before i tear my hair out ive update my firmware on my writer all my nero updates are current ive even sorted out my aspi drive so it reads working not corrupt ive no idea

Why are you using DVDShrink then when you burn the content on DVD9/DL???

Skip Nero for burning DL - only use ImgBurn or ImgToolBurn.

thanks for the advice it worked a treat first time i used dvd decrypter to put a iso on my hd imgburner to burn it off the reason i use shrink for is to convert region 1 to region 2 thanks again

Oops, better remove the regioncode limitations completely then. :wink:

Use AnyDvD and make it region free.

:cool: :cool: