Dual layer problem

I am trying to make a backup of my own personel movie collection with a Sony DRX-830U external burner. I am using DVD Cloner IV with a 9 t0 9 sellection and DVD DL+R 8x media. The movies drop dead at the second layer. Can’t seem to get past that. All data seems to be on the disk special features play evertything works. Just can’t get it from freezing.

Any Ideas? Player is a new JVC.


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Can you download and run CD-DVD Speed, put one of those DL discs in your drive, go to the “Disc Info” tab, and post the MID info that it shows?

I have no experience of DVD Cloner (I use DVD Fab Platinum), but it sounds like a media or a burn speed problem - you have to be very careful with DL discs that you’re getting quality media. :slight_smile:

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You could download this
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What is the media that your using? And is that sony firmware latest update? Also who is the maker of the cloner IV software your using? I don’t recall slysoft making such a software called DVD cloner IV?? There is one that I recall that was either in the US or China location that made a software similiar to that name but it couldn’t decrypt the protection scheme on the dvd properly.

Verbatim should be your only choice for DL Media.

Try a different software IE:

AnyDvD with CloneCD
DvDFab Platinum


DvD Cloner stoled DvD Shrink’s code, rebranded and are now selling it to you. They had a few slip ups along the way that got them caught. This is one example.


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Using Verbatim DL media plus DVD Decrypter for burning DL disk turn out the desirable results. BTW: DVD Decrypter is free also.

I have the same problem.
I have DVD Cloner Ver5.1 Build 966 (The latest).
I have been pulling my hair out for a week trying to figure out why my 1:1 burns would not play in most of my DVD players. When they did play, they had problems.
It was just the double layer disks that had problems. The single layer disks that DVD Cloner prodiced seemed to be just fine.
Then I tried using DVD Shrink to create an (uncompressed) ISO image of the disk, and using Nero to Burn the image. These disks work flawlessly.
I have submitted a bug report to DVD Cloner.
Oh, and I am using verbatim MKM 003 media.
CDSpeed Quality test show both the DVD Cloner and Nero Disks to be very high Quality.