Dual Layer, Problem on playing DVD on DVDPLAYER

I really noob at burning dual layer… I have just bought my DVD Burner (Dual layer) and i bought a few DVD+R 8.5g

I took 1 of my DVD original (example : PITCH BLACK… actor : Vins Diesel)
and just for fun I Tryed to make a copy of it.
I first Encrypted the original DVD with “DVD SHRINK” withou compression…
so all the files non-compressed went to my hard dick D:/PITCH BLACK

After… I just Burned all the file with NERO EXPRESS
It did burn the Double layer… on Description part… while burning… it was showing “Burning on 1st layer”… and later “Burning on 2nd Layer”

no error… everything was Ok…
But when im player the Copied DVD into my DVD PLAYER (the one that is on my TV… its a Phillips DIVX compatible) the CD is stuck on the Menu… I tryed another of my movie… original… Not workin either… but for the 2nd CD copyed… it just restart completly… on DVD

HOW EVER… when im player the SAME copyed DVD (wich are not working on my DVD player connected to TV)… on my computer DVD PLAYER… its workning perfectly…

my question is : **************
can it be a burning process… of simply my DVD PLAYER connected to TV that is not taking those Copyed DVD ?

Thx for answering


Welcome to CDF’s:

Need more info. What brand of discs are you using and what dvd burner and firmware do you have?

Brand of Discs : FujiFilm DVD +R DL (double layer) 8.5g 2.4x max
DVD burner : Phillipŝ DVD RAM (External DVD burner)
And No Idea what is Firmware or where to check that… Sorry :o

Does Nero Express have Nero CD Speed? If so you can use it to see what the real mfg is and see what firmware is on the drive. Sometimes the problem is your tv player will not play +R DL discs that are not booktyped to dvd-rom and only use Verbatim brand +R DL discs. The others are crappy. Look at the manual for your tv player and see what it will play.

U mean DVD player right ?
so my understanding is that “Verbatim brand +R DL” will play on all DVD player ?

No. It just depends on what your player will play. If your pc dvd writer will booktype the disc to dvd-rom i should play fine if the burn program will keeps the layer break where it supposed to be using Verbatim DL discs. I have a friend that uses Nero to burn DL discs with but i don’t use Nero. I use CloneCD. [B]Need to know exactly what model burner you have and the firmware on it and if your tv dvd player will play dvd +R DL discs.[/B]

Ok Firmware it says : Ritek
Ritek D01 (001)

and my DVD player on TV play all DVD +R

Still need to know exactly what model burner and firmware you have. Also you say you have “Phillipŝ DVD RAM (External DVD burner)” but that doesn’t really tell us much and Ritek media is not very good. This is NEC forum maybe a mod will move it to BenQ/Philips forum? Maybe someone else can explain better.

I dont know where to look to find the Firmware…
only thing I found
is : Microsoft Corporation (publisher)
Philips SPD3100L USB Device

Run msinfo32 or Nero Infotool to find it out.

Firmware : M5S2

Is that it ?

That’s correct! I have the same drive and no DL burning issues here, plays back fine on my sony dvd player.

Dual Layer is DVD-R DL, you have Double Layer (DVD+R DL).

If you wanna be on the safe side, only buy Verbatim DL media!!
Also use Imgburn to burn DL media, Nero sucks in that area.

Avoid media with mediacodes like Ritek xxxx.