Dual Layer: Price drop?

When can we expect dual layer media to get down to reasonable prices (say around $2.00/disc)? I want to use it but I’m not willing to pay $4.50+ per disc.

Don’t hold your breath. :wink:

And only the cheapest media is $4.50 a disc on a regular basis. I know that Memorex currently has their 3 packs on sale at COMPUSA for $10 and if you pricematch them with staples you can get them at $8-$9 per 3 pack. However, Memorex D/L media are made by Ritek and their results are over the place. I for one will not touch anything but a Verbatim for D/L media at this point.

I agree. :iagree:

Check out this link for prices on Memorex DVD+R DL getting close to $3 (but not quite). $48 for 15.

Does anyone know if there are issues with the Memorex media?

@jek. Read post #3 above for your answer, I think most would agree that Verbatim is your best choice for DL media at this point.:wink:

Yup, seen too many issues fixed with D/L burning and compatibility by people switching from Memorex (Ritek made) D/L media to Verbatim (MKM made) D/L media, to not convince me that Verbatim is the way to go. Keep an eye out though for specials on the Verbatims. COMPUSA recently had their 3 packs of 2.4x Verb DVD+R discs down to $12. It’s still $4 a pop but that is a significant drop over the usual good deals which make them about $6.70 per disc.

I will use the same strategy as before, when I started to switch to DVDR from CDR
fill my TB hard drives with D9 images and patiently wait…

I’ve had nothing but issues with the Verbatium D/L media. 3 discs that won’t read in any machine other than the one that burnt them.

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What burner are you using and did you set the booktype to DVD-ROM?