Dual Layer Playback Problems

Good morning. I have been burning back-up copies of movies using DVDdecrypter on Memorex DL +R discs. Some of the back-up copies play fine on my two set-top players (Toshiba & Sony). Others tend to skip towards the end of the disc. I tried both my Dell DVD burner as well as my LG DVD burner with the same result. Since this is a intermitant problem, I am not sure what to change to fix it. Does anyone have any solutions to this? I note in other postings that people have had similar problems, but I have not seen any solutions in the postings. Thanks for any information you can give. JMP

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Your problem is [B]bad quality DL media[/B]. It is strongly recommended to use [B]Verbatim DVD+R DL media[/B] (MKM001 2.4x certified or MKM003 8x certified), since they are currently the only reliable DL media.

Try with some of them, and you’ll see that your problem will disappear.

Hope this helps, :slight_smile:


Thank you for your advice. I burned a new DVD using Verbatim blank media and it played without a skip or a jump. I will use Verbatim from here on out. Thanks again for your help. JM

Verbatim DL has been good, at least 99% burn accurate, but something happens after a few days.

The disk reads fine after a fresh burn. But after a day or so, I get more and more errors until the disk is useless.

After 1 month of burning, all DL disks I have burned have so many skips they are useless. Its not the entire disk, but usually one segment.

No problem with single layer disk, even ‘generic media’ burns well. CDs no problem.

Any comments?

Verbatim + R DL [ BIG problem!]

Verbatim + R [ NO problem!]

NEC ND2510A original firmware

Could you do some quality scanning with a BenQ, Plextor or Lite-On?
Your NEC isn’t capable of scanning, but you could do a transfer rate test…

Thank you kg, I am a newbie don’t know what you mean.

What is quality scanning ??

How do you do a transfer rate test?

Nero Toolkit has an app called Nero CD-DVD Speed. :slight_smile:

WOW thank you kg! I will do tests.

What is the acceptable values for a good burn or machine?

I am downloading and installing now.

If you use Lite-On. Plextor or a NEC (new generation) for DVD quality scanning, PIE =< 280 and PIF =< 4 are good.
Standard scanning speed for Lite-On: 4x or 8x, depending on the model.
NEC (16x generation): Speed may vary depending on model and unit!

If you use BenQ or Pioneer, PIF =< 16 is good.

This is just my personal opinion. ^^"

If you’re doing a transfer rate (every drive can do that) benchmark the graph should be clean with no bigger slowdowns.