Dual Layer Newbie Question

I’m actually asking this ahead of time since i don’t actually have my burner yet. It’s being shipped as we speak. If i’m lucky i will have it tomorrow and i want to test it out and back up some of my movies right away.

How can you tell if a Dvd is Dual Layer or not? Very few of my Dvds actually say if they are Single or Dual on the back of the box.

Is there a program that will be able to tell me? Or do i just determine it by the size of it?


Yes. You can use cd-dvd speed or dvd identifier to check your media :slight_smile:



You’re welcome :slight_smile:

You can generally just eyeball the data surface. Dual Layer discs have a gold tint. Single layers discs don’t.


and if it contains more than 4.7 GB data, voilà …double layer!

nero could tell you the information about the disc.