Dual Layer Media

Hello everyone :slight_smile: Need some advice please.

I have tried with two different brands of Dual Layer media and still have yet to find one that works correctly.

I am using DVD Fab Platinum and testing with the movie ‘The Departed’.

Making a full disc copy to DVD9. Upon playing the DVD back in my Sony DVP-NS92V (good dvd player) it starts to have issues once it gets past the DL section of the disc.

For instance, sometimes the movie will hang for ages (or indefinitely) before it adjusts to the next layer OR getting to chapters beyond 17 or 18 will fail.

I’m sure this is due to the DL discs and the media used. I have no issues backing up and playing a DVD5 disc.

Also, this issue is not limited to ‘The Departed’ but any movie which is longer than the capacity of a DVD5 disc.

So I guess I’m asking if anyone has got DVD9 discs to work and if so what brand do I go for?

Thanks !

Hi boyderama and welcome to cdfreaks,

Fab makes flawless DL bkups.
The only consistently recommended DL media here and other forums is
Verbatim +R DL.

You can find 'em on sale at BestBuy, OfficeMax, etc., etc., and online
Take a look at CD Freaks Bargain Basement.

Any ?s or problems just post back… :wink:

I personally use Memorex DVD + R DL’s and have had no problems at all.

Hey. Thanks very much for your speedy responses.

I live in the UK and am hitting Google to find the best deal possible for both brands.
Perhaps I’ll get a pack of 10 each and see. Helps to have a recommendation.

The brand I tried last night was Datawrite and they do not work for me.

Fingers crossed I’ll have better luck with your suggestions.

Thanks :slight_smile:

So true :iagree:

I suggest you try some Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL which is the most consistent and widely supported DL media.

Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL at SVP.co.uk

If you absolutely must try another cheaper alternative, I suggest trying HP branded CMC 2.4x DVD+R DL.

HP 2.4x DVD+R DL at SVP

Wow you guys are good !!

Have ordered 2 of the Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL from SVP.co.uk. Thanks!!

I guess the printable versions are just the same. They only sell the 25 pack for £45 so if these 2 discs work I’ll get the 25 pack ordered. Google also give you £10 back so will make it cheaper!!

I’ll get the delivery mid of next week so will let you know how I get on.

Cheers everyone! :slight_smile: