Dual Layer Media



I currently have two spindles of dual layer, one 25 pack of MKM 001 (DVD+R), and a 25 pack of Ritek P01 (4x DVD-R).

I’m looking for an excuse to retire my Optiarc 7170a burner (I have a brand-new Samsung 18X Lightscribe burner in the closet, and I need room to install it), but so far it has proved best for burning any type of DL media, even the poorly-considered Ritek.

I tried the -R DL media in the Liteon and it turned 2$ into a coaster real quick, and the Benq produces mediocre results at best, and takes much longer even though it burns at 4x. Haven’t tried the LG because I’m worried I’ll waste an expensive disc, considering the NEC burns them quite well.

Has anyone tried the above DL media? Which drives burn DL media the best, including the Ritek -R?


$2 a disc? Why on earth are you spending that much on Ritek, let alone D/L DVD-R?


I only choose VB and TY. ^^


Your H22N should burn MKM 001 very well; I’ve burned at least 30 MKM 001s in mine, and every one was clean. This is about the best I’ve seen, and this is about the worst.

It will probably burn RITEK P01 acceptably; I’ve only tried one of these. The scan was not pretty but the disc was perfectly readable at 12x.

You can see results with both of these media in the review.


TY does not make Dual layer media, I hope you didn’t just open a thread and post without even reading.

Back to the actual topic, there’s only one way to see which burns best for you. Use the H22N and the Optiarc and see which produces the best. Retire the Liteon for a little while, I hear the 20x and 18x arent that great anyways.


This is incorrect.
TY makes dual layer media (DVD-R DL = Dual Layer, with TYG11 code) but not double layer media (DVD+R DL = Double Layer).

I hope you didn’t just read a reply and post without reading my Taiyo Yuden FAQ?
Just kidding :wink:


hmmm http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=169986&highlight=TYG11

Does seem very new KG, as you said yourself. Plus no one has even posted anything in the media tests section about it. I’d say it’s fairly non existent right now. :slight_smile:



Another TYG11 thread. Guess TY were a bit late on this one. Good info in the thread I linked to, though.